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LGT Aerospace  was created to research and develop non- traditional aircraft designs

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TRL 1-3 Air vehicle development

LGT Aerospace can analyze and characterize performance data on non-traditional aircraft designs. the data is then compared against sub scale test aircraft to verify the analysis.

TRL 4-6 Full scale test aircraft

After sub scale tests and validation of analysis methods. Preliminary and detail design occurs on full sized prototype aircraft. Collaboration with suppliers, tech developers, industry, government and universities is encouraged to develop a fully integrated solution towards a successful flight test program.

TRL 7-10 Production Implementation

Completion of TRL 6 provides customers with the proof of concept and demonstrates the capability of the product. Manufacturing methods and product support are offered so that the platform can be leased to the customer base.


Design Services

Aircraft conceptual CAD services

Detail part and Assembly Design

Tooling concepts 

CAM G-code for CNC machining

Performance characterization

Performance prediction of new air vehicle designs based from Dan Raymer methods.

Access to Computational Fuid Dynamic resources showing airflow behavioral indicators of the design.

Prototyping sub scale demonstrators

Capacity to rapidly fabricate CNC machined composite sub scaled air vehicles.

Flight Test services

Depending on scale and budget, flight test  services are available with access to both internal and external specialists and test equipment.

Test data correlation with predictions

Services to correlate test data with conceptual predictions in order to provide better accuracy and risk reduction towards predicting performance of full scale test aircraft.

Full scale test aircraft

Multiple links with aerospace manufacturers and suppliers to deliver full scale test aircraft demonstrators. 


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